Monday, July 6, 2009


OK, I get excited because once again was on the first page in google for the keyword, shih tzu puppies. I was even two from the bottom on page oone!!! I have a witness this time. I ran to the other room where my husband sat reading the Boston Globe and demanded he pull up Google and type in shih tzu puppies. There is was just as pretty as picture looking so important.!!!

I pull up Goole this am and type in key words shih tzu puppies and what the ??? happened??? is back on page two ;o( YES, I am obssesed!!!

Could it be Google is mad at me?? Could it be a sick game they like to play with site owners? Could it be my competition is kicking it up a notch? No, probably none of these. Its just the way the dice roll on Google. In the mean time being on page one has caused my obssesion to return. I am trying to promote If I can get it anywhere near where is in Google rankings I would finally say I have figured this whole ranking thing out.

Thats it!!! Google does not want you to figure it out. They keep changing the rules to keep us all guessing!!!!!

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