Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Funny thing about Shih Tzu, just before bath day when you are snuggling in bed with your little angel, a funny smell might hit your nose. Its a familiar smell but not quite like the smell you remember. Then it hits you, "My Shih Tzu smells like a frito." or popcorn. I am tempted to get out of bed and dispense baths in any order so my precious little angels smell cuddly once again. I just tell myself tomorrow will come very soon and try to go to sleep with a guilty conscience.

Morning comes and dogs run and hide because once the first Shih Tzu hits the sink it spreads throughout the house like wildfire that IT'S BATH DAY!!! As I finish one Shih Tzu its like an Easter egg hunt looking for my next victim. One by one my angels smell cuddly again.

Peace is once again restored in our home. All the Shih Tzu are clean and fresh.


LWarren said...

That is sooo funny! I had a wonderful, sweet Shih Tzu for 16 years until last January, when we lost her to Canine Cognitive Dementia. I thought the Frito smell was unique to her and we would start calling her 'Corn Chip' when the smell started. Then a couple months ago I found a little Shih Tzu wandering down the side of the road during a rainstorm. During the 2 weeks she was with us while we were looking for her owner, I noticed she too had 'the smell'. Why do they have that smell? I really miss 'the smell' - probably because I miss my sweet little Molly so much!!!

Graphics And Graphics said...

my shih used to smell like a frito too! even after a while that I washed his face the stink came back again! couldn't figure out what it was, it wasn't the eyes or the ears, then bingo! it was his nose! Since he has a turned up nose, but with that fur I didn't notice it, so I got a cotton ball and cleaned the crease with facial tonic, and sure enough it went away! That deep crease gets dirty, or stays damp after a bath, and that is where the corn chip stink grows. Clean your dog's crease where the nose starts between his eyes and see if that helps. Now my doggie smells nice and clean, good bye corn chips!