Monday, August 2, 2010


I have decided to run a contest for a product I believe every Shih Tzu lover should have. The point of the contest is a. to have fun b. to bring awareness to this wonderful product c. to get new and nice photos for a new Shih Tzu site I will be launching as soon as time permits.

The prize for the contest is an 8oz bottle of Chris Christensen Peace and kindness. you can read about it here I believe every home that owns a Shih Tzu should have this product. It is great for all the little funky things Shih tzu seem to get from time to time. After every bath I go over each dog and check their skin for any tiny little funky stuff. If I see anything I give it a spray and by the next bath its gone. If I accidentally give one of the dogs razor burn while giving them hair cut I will spray Peace and Kindness on them. I use this stuff for all kinds of things. Its really good.

Ok, now that you know about the prize, here's what I am looking for. I want stories and photos or videos. I want to hear about all the cute funny things your Shih Tzu does. If you Shih Tzu knows a trick, film it and send it to me, If you have a cute little outfit and think your shih Tzu is the cutest in the whole world take a nice photo and send it to me. If you have a story about something your Shih Tzu has done, tell me your story and attach a photo. I am looking for exciting content for a new site I plan to launch. I know you all have wonderful stories and photos of your babies doing what they do best..... being our precious little angles.

Oh one last thing, you have to post a comment to the blog as well. Be nice and say something spectacular about my and my dogs.