Sunday, June 21, 2009


We packed up the dogs and headed off to The central Florida Fair grounds to march around the ring and show how pretty Tian Mi Shih Tzu are. Sad to say the judges did not think Tian Mi dogs were the best in the ring this weekend. But I was very proud of all of them even though they did not get the purple ribbon.

On Friday John J and Bomer were shown and I have to say they looked very pretty. I was proud at the end of the day that they both showed well. Yes you heard it correctly, John J was a "pretty" good boy. He actually walked and looked stunning in the ring.

Bomer was shown again on Saturday. He went in the ring and showed his little heart out. My favorite snap shot of him on that day is this one. Just look at that Shih Tzu mug. To me he has the perfect little Shih Tzu face.

As we waited for our turn in the ring Bomer's Mom and Dad took lots of photos. I may not look so great but look how beautiful the bomb looks. This photo also shows my biggest dog show fan. My dad. He will be getting in the ring himself soon when Cheese makes her debut.

Last but not least, my pretty girl Izzy. Izzy decided since John J was so good she was going to be the bad one and she took Janis for a ride. Janis got so tickled at how bad she was being. Who says dog shows arent fun. They are when you show Tian Mi dogs.

Izzy waiting to go in the ring. We waited so long for the pugs to finish Izzy was hard to keep still and we should have known what was coming.....

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