Saturday, June 6, 2009


After many long hours of careful selection and fine tuning Simply BePaws is finally open. Simply BePaws offers pet beds, pet jewelry, pet diapers, toys, the most adorable and functional pet clothes as well as dog bows.

Our Sophie's slumber line of beds includes crate pads as well as beautiful crate covers. These wonderful crate covers were designed out of a need to sooth pets anxious feelings about being in a crate as well as make those big bulky crates look pretty. Dogs are den animals and enjoy feeling like they have privacy.

Our Bailley's Bobbles line includes freshwater pearl necklaces and Swarovski Crystal collars with charms. I just love my dogs to look pretty. A very good friend told me "all girls are supposed to sparke" I like my boys to sparkle to. We cold never leave out those boys.

Our Peeper's panties are the cutest and most functional diapers you will ever see. This design was created by myself many years ago out of the need for puppy diapers so I could let the puppies run the house without the stress of having pee all over my house, as well as a necessity when my girls were in season. Over the years I have tweaked the design to fit better and be easier to put on and take off.

Our Bubba britches are for the boys who are not so reliable when it comes to house training as well as those stud dogs who think they need to make your hose smell "better".

Our clothing line was carefully selected for quality and craftsmanship as well as the most adorable designs you have ever laid eyes on. I am very picky about the things my dogs wear and I have to say these clothes will light up your world!!!

As you would expect we always aim to make those boys feel "special" Simply BePaws carries neck ties just for our precious boys.

Our dog bow collection was designed with not only for my show dogs but precious house mouses as well. Our show bows are crafted from the best materials. These are bows I use on my dogs in the ring. Our uptown everyday bows were designed for my special little girls and boys after they are finished in the ring. Anyone who knows me knows I love to make my babies look pretty. I never had a little girl so now I can dress up my Shih Tzu.

The Simply BePaws site was born out of my love for Shih Tzu. Shih Tzu are my passion and I just love sharing my world with others.

Be sure to stop by Tian Mi Shih tzu to see where it all began.

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Debby White said...

Leslie what a great store. I will be sure to shop.