Friday, April 10, 2009


Last night dinner was at the McGee home. It was a chance for us to get together and get to know Janis's mother, to evaluate puppies and re evaluate dogs. The house was full of Shih Tzu. There were a total of 11 Shih Tzu wandering around from four owners.

Dinner was wonderful. Janis out did herself in the kitchen. Barb brought dessert and everyone made mmm sounds. We all had a wonderful time talking and joking about life and our dogs. We got a grand tour of all the art in Janis's house. Janis is an accomplished artist and has won many awards for her art. She has done art work for Shih Tzu specilaties as well. Her art will be available at my online store, Simply BePaws, when it opens. Maybe someday she will make me something beautiful!!! hint hint.......

We took time to enjoy the Shih Tzu. We watched them move and play. Everyone got along. John J really loved Lola. Lola was not to happy with John J.

Bear and I-Kahn get to know each other. ( father and son)

Tian Mi's Up and coming star Brei or cheese as she is better known.

John J and his Daddy I-Kahn

Mark on the grooming table waiting for dinner

Thank you Don, Janis, and Mom for welcoming us for dinner.

Thank you Barb for all the photos.

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