Tuesday, March 31, 2009


My precious boy has been x-rayed and checked by the vet to see if he has a problem with his hips or legs and nothing has been found to explain why he has a funny "giddy up" in his step. Today John J was taken to a chiropractor. Now mind you, I myself have never been, and I have to say I never really thought it worked. The chiropractor said she found his problem and believed it was from and old injury. I heard some pops and my little boy seemed to relax and calm down as if to say "Thank you" for finally making me feel better. I walked him around and the "giddy up" seems to be gone. Only time will tell if he is cured.

For now I am massaging is back by his tail and applying heat. I am hoping and praying this fixes him. As you can see by his photo he is to beautiful not to be a champion. He is resting quietly beside me as I write this and I am just thrilled to see him so relaxed. The things we do for our dogs. I must say, it is a lot more than I do for myself.

In closing, if you are a John J fan keep him in his prayers. I may not be sure of chiropractors but I do believe in the power of prayer. The chiropractor part will be revealed through his healing. If this does work I am making an appointment for myself. :o)

If you don't know John J., Trust me he is an angel. You would love him.

To see more of John J. goto www.shihtzukisses.com/news.htm

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