Monday, February 9, 2009


I am currently working on several projects that will change the way I interact with other Shih Tzu lovers. Shih Tzu kisses or Tian Mi Shih tzuis in the process of adding a Shih tzu message board. After enlisting the help of a dear friend and fellow breeder / exibitor to help moderate the Message board the launch date is projected to be 2/21

Tian Mi SHih Tzu will also be launching an online store that will offer Shih Tzu lovers a place to get their grooming tools and Shih Tzu gear for a reasonable price at

The store will feature items that I have used or have currently found "perfect" for my Shih tzu. The majority of my enjoyment of this breed is the fact you can doll them up. My online store will pass on the products my Shih Tzu enjoy.

Look for the store to open around the same time the Shih tzu message board does 2/21

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