Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I get many puppy calls every week. Without exception the callers are calling because they have been to my site and are captivated by the enchanting Shih Tzu. Most people read my site before they call in an effort to "Do their homework" before speaking with a breeder. I had a call at 8:45 pm the other night form a person wanting to know if I had any imperial Shih tzu available. I asked him if he had been to my site. He said yes he had read most of it. I told him he must have missed the section titled "IMPERIALS!!!"

I then told the guy I only breed to comply with the AKC standard for the Shih Tzu because I did show my dogs and only wished to produce Shih Tzu that were completely healthy. I was so mad at the guy for calling me after he stated he had been to my site and did his homework. If you are searching for a Shih Tzu puppy, please do your homework. If after you do yoru homework and, in spite of all the health issues, still choose to buy a so called imperial, DON'T CALL ME!!!

From time to time tiny Shih Tzu are born to AKC standard Shih Tzu parents. If you want a tiny dog, wait for one of these or pick another breed.

Fro more info on imperials go to http:www.shihtzukisses.com/imperials.htm

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