Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The begining of my day with Shih Tzu

Getting up this morning was a typical Shih Tzu morning. As soon as my eyes opened the Tzu In the bed were ready to go, jumping at my poor lifeless body not quite ready to roll out of bed. After taking a few minutes of harassment I finally rolled out of bed with three Shih Tzu hot on my tail snorting with excitement blowing snot all over me. Their feet coming off the edge of the bed as they paddle with anticipation to be boosted down and start their day. I am not a morning person so this display of happiness in the morning is very offensive to me. I grumble as I pull each Tzu down telling them to settle down, don't be so happy. As they make it to the bedroom door Sophie, the old girl, stumbles out of her bed, stretches and hobbles over to join the gang.

I mange to get ahead of the herd stumbling through the house making my way to the back room where two more Shih Tzu are anxiously awaiting the ceremonious door opening so they can burst out of the room and down the hall making their way through the crowd to be first at the door clawing at it like a rib roast awaits on the other side. I trip and stumble managing not to fall as I make my way through the masses to get to Jacey, who is a new member to the house dogs, fighting to get a lead around her neck so I can help her stay focused on the reason we go outside. As I open the door the Shih Tzu come rolling out tripping and clawing as if the first one out the door gets the grand prize. Im still not pleased with the boisterous energy and happiness that is going on.

As I make my way out into the drive to lead Jacey to the grass I notice Bailley and Phoebe are up to their old tricks by pretending to go potty and standing in the driveway like they already went. You see Bailley and Phoebe know at the end of this madness I call going potty, there is a nice chicken wrapped apple, banana, or sweet potato waiting inside for those who do the deed. I am of course smarter than them,  I know they have not done the deed. I begin my morning routine of arguing with each dog to go potty. "Bailley, Phoebe, GO POTTY! Lindy! as I snap my fingers as loud as I can possibly get them to snap, GO POTTY!" It is quite a circus out in my front yard every morning. My neighbors come out is droves to witness this event which normally takes place every morning around 7:45

Every morning as all of this is taking place Brodie is over at the edge of the yard peeing on the pump house marking his yard against the mighty and deadly critter we know as squirrels. Brodie leaps and dashes across the yard looking for a chance to come nose to nose with one of the aliens so he can chase it up a tree and start his day off protecting his domain. His life has been full of tactical maneuvers since the first day he actually discovered this life form hiding under the truck in the drive. He came nose to nose with it as the chase to the mighty oak began.

Finally, after tossing Shih Tzu out into the yard like bowling balls everyone gives in and goes potty. I give the signal and everyone runs to the door scratching and clawing to be the first back inside. Before handing out treats Im make my way to the coffee machine to start my coffee trying to assert my dominance over them by making them wait for their snack. Every morning I feel completely harassed as Bailley begins her ritual "Talking to the cookie jar" routine. Very vocally she stares at the cookie jar telling me, "We want a cookie NOW!" All of the others crowd around leaping through the air, growling and gnawing on their neighbor as the anticipation of what is to come is just more than they can bear. Finally the morning antics are put to rest as I trip and stumble to the cookie jar. Each one is clawing and leaping to be first to receive this coveted snack.  As I hand  each one the prize they worked so hard for they ungratefully snatch their snack and run to their prospective private spot to enjoy their just reward. I take my coffee to the office where I am joined by all of them, one by one they crawl under the desk and get in their beds to take their long morning nap. They are exhausted from this morning routine and finally peace is restored! Until the mid morning potty starts.

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