Tuesday, January 25, 2011

SHIH TZU KISSES.com page spotlight

Today I have chose the fun page to spotlight. The fun page is a place to display what goes on in the lives of my precious Shih Tzu day in a day out. What fun it is being owned by a Shih Tzu... being owned by twelve is so much more fun. Be sure to check out the Tian Mi Shih tzu fun page to see a photo account of what goes on at Tian Mi Shih tzu.


AnimalSmile said...

Oh my, having 12 is so many with lots of things to do but surely 12 times the fun..

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Brittany35 said...

Your dogs are beautiful :)
I just have one 2.5 year old girl, Chloe, but you must keep busy with all yours! All the more to love :)

Great picture by the way, very sweet!